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News & Updates

Congrats Excel Joining Eurovan!

EUROVAN is an organisation of independent leading local removal companies. Its headquarters is based in Mannheim, Germany – in the middle of Europe. EUROVAN has worldwide partners all over the Europe, North America, South America and Asia.


Over recent years, removals have increasingly meant the crossing of frontiers, Excel recognised the need to offer the same excellent service internationally. We are looking for partners who can work hand-in-hand with us and provide the best removal services in their own operation area.

Joining Eurovan helps us to connect to European partners and take direct advantage of their local expertise. All Eurovan partners have the possibility to log their European moves to the headquarters so that empty mileage is reduced and combinations can be found reflecting in on monetary savings. In addition if the move takes place inside Europe, EUROVAN’s headquarters monitors, co-ordinates and controls all moves between one country and another.

This gives us the opportunity to benefit our customers by providing a homogeneous, proven, quality service at an effective cost for any moves to or from anywhere in the world. On the other hand, we can promote our
company and services to gloal partners and answer the worldwide RFQs (Requests for quotation) more efficiently.