Support Society and Environment

Social Responsibility

As a member of the community, Excel manages to do a little effort for our society. We feel really happy that we can help and make a difference.


Charity Project

If you have some stuff you want to donate, just tell us before the moving day and we will bring you the cartons.

All you need to do is to sort out the donation ahead so that we can pack them separately. After transporting all your belongings, we carry your donation back to our storage. Then we will contact the relevant charity organizations. Meanwhile, we will let you know where everything goes to. As long as the charity receives the donation and confirms them, we will send you their certificate. This is how this project works.

Free Donation

With our help, you don't have to worry about how to contact different local charity organizations or how to deliver your donation to them or even packing the donation.

We will do all the work for you. And we won't charge you a penny for the packing materials, delivery or the storage used for the donation. Instead we thank you for your kindness and help. So if you have some used books, toys and clothes but in good or acceptable condition, be free to ask us to do the job for you when you move.

Environmental Responsibility

Excel pays great attention on environment protection and global warming. Located in Shanghai, we try our best to lower carbon footprint and create a smog free blue sky with clean air for the city we love.

Cut Paper Use

In short-distance local moves, we replace cartons with plastic containers to reduce paper use.

Besides that, we use mattress cover and blanket to transfer mattress to local destination and reduce the use of cardboard.

Recycle Carton Program

In international and domestic moves, we always take back the cartons if clients don’t want them after unpacking.

We then send these used cartons to the recycling place so that they can be recreated.