Innovative Moist Protection

Innovative Moist Protection

Your and your children’s health is important to us. That’s why we use high absorption desiccants to protect your household goods from moisture.

Mould & Mildew?

Have you ever noticed a mildew smell when you opened your suitcase after a long flight? Do you know moisture nourishes mold and fungus that can cause sneezing, coughing and other health problems? You do not want that happened, especially on your children. And we do not want that either.

Excel Moving cooperates with Absortech to provide you innovative moisture protection technology for containers and packaging.

Different Desiccant Portfolios

Our professional packing team selects different desiccants in our portfolio tailored to your items. Keeping mildew, fungus, bacteria out of your house. We want to make sure your child is happy and you are happy.


Absortech is a Swedish based company who developed and supplied high-quality desiccants solutions to companies and enterprises all over the globe for more than 25 years.

Absorgel Pouches

Absorgel Pouches can absorb over 10 times more than traditional inbox desiccants. They effectively protect your: Furniture and handicraft items Garments Shoes Electronics Prints (books, paintings, photos) Machine parts and mechanical equipment

Absorgel Hanging

Absorgel Hanging absorbs water and bounds it into a gel so no liquid water is formed, which prevents leakage. It is designed to occupy minimal container space with full functionality. It effectively protects your: Agricultural products Metal products and machinery Furniture and handicrafts Textiles and leather Consumer products

Absorgel Blanket

Absorgel Blanket is designed for placement on top of the cargo and occupies minimal container space with full functionality. It effectively protects your: Agricultural commodities Steel and machinery Consumer products Cargo loaded on high-stacked pallets