International Car Transport

International Car Transport

Excel Moving possesses a group of car transport specialists, who can provide you with the best advice on customs, duties and environmental provisions which apply to car exports and imports.

Export of a Car out of China

Excel Moving can assist our customers in making declaration of the car to the customs, provide guidance on local cancellation procedure for the car plate, loading the car into the shipping container and securely fastening it in the container. With our specialist care and expertise, your car will be transported safely to anywhere in the world. Our international car relocation consultant will then give you instructions on all the necessary steps you will need to take at your destination to ensure your car is ready once it arrives.

Import of a Car into China

To import a personal vehicle into China is a cumbersome process. Don’t worry, at Excel, we would assist you in navigating through the complexity of each process from pre-import consultation to actual import clearance of your vehicle upon its arrival and to subsequent delivery and registration. Please go to our FAQ to check if you are qualified to import cars into China..